Designing and re-planning of apartments. creation of web sites

The interior (design of houses and apartments)
The good advice about design of interiors
The exterior (designing of buildings and architectural forms)

Design of houses and apartments.

We are engaged in design of interiors more 7. among our works of apartment, country houses, office premises, restaurants, banquet rooms. we appreciate your and time and consequently we do not recommend to you to be engaged in independent designing - admire to ours

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 project working out it is conducted in 4 stages from 3d sketches to construction plans is better. 
To carry out of the obligations accurately and in time, we have a rule - one leader works no more than with two projects simultaneously.

Into work on the project enters:

  1. Planirovochnaja a part (arrangement of rooms and furniture)
  2. Outline a part (3d modelling of your interior)
  3. Selection of a finishing material and furniture
  4. The architectural project (the building documentation)
  5. Repair

Project cost 50. 2

At the order of repair 
"on a turn-key basis"
Equipment design 
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