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The interior (design of houses and apartments)
The good advice about design of interiors
The exterior (designing of buildings and architectural forms)
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The good advice on work with designer
You were going to do repair, re-planning or have started house building. and only you know, that want. but without the aid of extraneous people to you all the same not to manage, even if you will be both the architect, and the designer. here that we speak to our friends when they address to us for council:
Fen shuj
Councils from eight areas of your house that is most important that manages the good luck connected with humanand settles down in the southwest.
Building norms and rules
Building norms and rules : ; ; ; ; .
Factors of space
The sizes spaces depend on traditions, and also are essentially corrected by temperament, and type of the person of the person. the most counterbalanced person - the phlegmatic person is rather unpretentious. slightly more than personal space it is required to the strong-willed sanguine person. rather a lot of place demands aggressive <> The choleric person. and the sensual melancholiac becomes the champion on required dimensions always.
Development of architecture
On formation architectural from the romance period to historicism
How to make a room visually is more
Eight simple ways to increase small room visually!!!
Interiors of east style
In the east interior it is widely used warm red, various shades dark blue in a combination to simple geometrical ornaments
Gardening of roofs
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Space as function
Quality of space does not depend almost on the sizes of a room. the perception of the house as single whole, importance of how rooms correspond among themselves and an external world and that is even more important, the account of all requirements of everyone who lives in this house, - here the main care of the designer.
Green carpet
Correct preparation of soil - half uspe-ha. to sow a lawn it is possible from the end of april till second decade of august.
Fen shuj
Any furniture, especially wooden, radiates energy. that your dream was peace and quiet, the bedroom should be kept in order. from eight areas of your house that is most important that manages good luck.
Design on - anglijski
The good designer - as the family doctor. today the designer in russia is capable of all. it breaks walls, buys pipes, feeds workers, furniture, sews curtains. he has got used to struggle with an unsuitable lay-out for life, and it does not frighten the customer. not casually more often the designer-architect - the outstanding person, the person, from the cradle ready to create beauty from a stone.
Гостиница Волхов 2
If the site is located in wood and on it there is a natural difference of heights, this simply ideal place for cascade or falls creation in natural style. in a fashion all natural, natural, therefore even often give to concrete plates a kind of the made old plates.
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"on a turn-key basis"
Equipment design 
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